HC Košice
30. kolo
3 : 2
(0:0, 2:2, 1:0)
HC 07 Detva

HC Košice — HC 07 WPC Koliba Detva 3:2 (0:0, 2:2, 1:0)

Goals and assistance: 25. Květoň (Klhůfek, Suja), 38. Skokan (Koch, Haščák), 60. Skokan (Květoň) – 23. Valent (Török), 37. Podešva (Král, Žilka)

Penalized players: 3:5 for two minutes, power plays: 1:0 penalty kill: 0:0, Referees: T. Orolin, Tvrdoň — M. Orolin, Rojík, 3,403 visitors

HC Košice: Košarišťan (Škorvánek) — Čížek (A), Růžička, Slovák, Zeleňák, Michalčin, Koch (A) — Majdan, Skokan (C), Haščák — Květoň, Suja, Klhůfek — Belluš, Vrábeľ, Cibák — Milý, Faith, Jokeľ

HC 07 WPC Koliba Detva: Petrík (Bátory) — Mar. Chovan (C), Fekiač, Golian, Kuklev (A), Gachulinec, Jendroľ, Turan — Čacho, Zuzin, Sýkora (A) — Král, Podešva, Žilka — Gašpar, Valent, Török — Čenka, Fekiač, Lalík

The match of Košice and Detva offered interested pictures from the very beginning. Both teams made too much effort in the opening minute and it resulted in five interruptions. After that, however, the game stabilized and there were also some chances. Suja had the first chance at the end of the second minute, when he benefited from the work of Bortňák with Klhůfek. However, his shot from the space in front of the net was not a great surprise for Petrík. Two minutes later Košice could score thanks to Milý; this time already during the power play. Milý lured Petrík from the net, then he guided the puck just under the right leg guard of the Detva goalie. However, Košice players continued in their attacks — on the contrary, they have developed a few more chances. The Detva players had luck in the half of the sixth minute, Petrík reflexively responded to the puck shot from the blue line and supported the Bears again. And he succeeded also in the 14th minute when he changed position several times, but with the help of his defensive he managed the whole situation. Especially the goalkeeper of the guests was the reason for which the score was 0-0 after twenty minutes of the game. 

Both teams were motivated when entering the second part of the match — Košice with a view to finally find a strategy regarding Petrík and Detva wanted to work in the attack lines and shoot through Košarišťan. So, we had not to wait longer for the first great chance — and, paradoxically, it ended up by scoring a goal. It happened in the 23rd minute when Valent shot two goals. The first one still bounced back into the game; nevertheless, the Detva center of the third five tightened the net behind Košarišťan. So, our opponent was leading with score 1:0. But not for long. Five seconds before the end of the 25th minute Košice got the puck for Květoň who then skillfully equalized the score to 1:1 from between the circles. The same man could assert himself also exactly five minutes later but this time he was not successful vis a vis Petrík. However, it did not mean that the score would remain unchanged before the break. On the contrary. At the beginning of minute 37 Detva moved back into the lead again and even though they no longer used their power play, they asserted themselves immediately after, from a complicated situation. Košice also responded to this precise action before break. Skokan succeeded when two minutes and two seconds before the end he equalized the score to 2:2. This score remained unchanged even after 40 minutes of the game. 

It meant only one thing — if some of the teams wanted to win for three points, it had to score at least once and ideally risk no more. Therefore, both teams counted on their secured defensive which tried to help their goalkeepers as much as possible. Nevertheless, we have seen several good opportunities. We can mention for example the opportunity of Skokan, when at the end of minute 42 he tightly missed the net of Petrík from very fancy pivoting. One minute later Klhůfek could get the Steelers in the lead, but vis a vis the goalkeeper he only sent the puck into his glove. In the 53rd minute the Bears from Central Slovakia could get the lead. Zuzin got to an individual break-away but he could not overcome Košarišťan. The score was changed for the last time 32 seconds before the end of the regular playtime; it was the second goal of Skokan in the match that definitely decided that Košice won the match. 

Peter Draisaitl, Coach of Košice: The match was uneasy for us. Even though we played two power plays five against three, we could not score. And we know how it is penalized. We had to do a lot to succeed today. During the third period neither team wanted to concede the goal; the players guarded well. In the end luck was on our side.

Josef Turek, Coach of Detva: “We cannot be satisfied, we lost. Nevertheless, I think that we played a good match. We managed two penalty kills with two players and at some moments we were a better team. I am sorry that we do not score points, but our performance was good.”