HC Košice
10. kolo
3 : 2 pp
(0:0, 1:2, 1:0 — 1:0)
HK Poprad

HK Poprad — HC Košice 3:2 in overtime (0:0, 1:2, 1:0 — 1:0)

Scores and assists: 34. Svitana (Mlynarovič, Ulrych), 42. Kozák (Štrauch), 62. Svitana — 24. Klhůfek (Bučko, Bezúch), 26. Klhůfek (Bezúch, Rapáč)

Penalized players: 5:8 for two min., power plays: 0:1, penalty kills: 0:0, referees: Baluška, Štefik — Durmis, Jobbágy, 2151 visitors

HK Poprad: Vošvrda (Halo) – D. Brejčák (A), Ulrych, Kozák, Magovac, Erving, Kramár, Česánek, Fabian (C) – Štrauch, Mlynarovič, P. Svitana (A) – Karterud, Paukovček, Matis – Takáč, Zagrapan, Leclerc – Matúš Paločko, Matej Paločko

HC Košice: Škorvánek (Košarišťan) – Slovák, Koch, Růžička, Repe, Bučko, Cibák — Majdan, Chovan, Haščák — Klhůfek, Skokan, Bezúch — Rapáč, Bortňák, Belluš — Milý, Suja, Jokeľ

During the opening minutes of the game, Poprad’s players were very active. Just after 15 seconds, Takáč challenged Leclerc to go into offense. However, the attempted cross-ice pass was too long, so Škorvánek stepped in and passed the puck to his teammates. Later, the so called “Chamois” from High Tatras had a power play, in which Svitana and Paukovček were determined to score, but eventually none of them managed to get into a good position for a shot on goal. The 1st period brought the greatest opportunity in the 8th minute. Within the crease, Paločko received Zagrapan’s pass and threatened Škorvánok among three poles. The puck first slipped out of the hands of Košice’s goalie, but he was able to save it including the later rebound shot as well. In the 15th minute, Haščák advanced along the boards, and with his head up, he decided to go for a cross-ice pass in front of the crease. However, he found no one there. Neither Klhůfek nor Bučko scored. During the last minutes of the opening period, both teams focused on the defense, and thus, the players left the ice with score 0:0. 

The beginning of the 2nd period was very similar to the 1st one — there was only one difference, namely, that this time, it was the team of Košice, who tried to score. After 16 seconds, Slovák dangerously sent the puck into the zone, but Vošvrda was sufficiently careful. Košice were similarly unpleasant in the 23th minute. Firstly, Haščák overshot the net and later Majdan’s shot was blocked. The first goal of the game was scored in the 24th minute. Initially, Vošvrda was trying to parry Buček’s shot, but the puck got unluckily to Klhůfek. And for the Czech forward in the jersey of Košice, this was enough to get the puck into Poprad’s net without any difficulties. Just 2 minutes later, the same player was successful again. Klhůfek actually shot from the very same position, this time using Bezúch’s assistance. The score could have changed in the 30th minute, when Štrauch wanted to send the puck above Škorvánok, who was laying on the ice, but Steelers’ goalie performed a nice save. However, we can’t tell the same about the 34th minute. Svitana’s slap shot secured Poprad’s first goal. The score after two periods - 2:1 for Košice. 

So, practically, nothing was decided yet in the 3rd part. In an “Eastern-Slovak derby”, a 1-goal lead does not have to mean anything. And Poprad’s players proved it very quickly. In the 42nd minute, Kozák sent a shot from the line, the puck was then tipped, and eventually, it finished in the net behind the helpless Škorvánok. With a two on one outnumbering, the Chamois could even take the lead, but Paukovček - responsible for the action - only hit Košice’s goalie. On the opposite site, Košice had their goal opportunity as well. Haščák’s bomb slipped out of Vošvrda’s catch glove, but ultimately. Majdan’s tip in only hit Vošvrda’s pad. Steelers didn’t score neither 3 minutes before the end of the game, when the puck hit the upper pole and then fell back to the crease. Sixty minutes were not enough to decide about the result of the Eastern Slovak derby. 

It came in the overtime as Poprad’s players moved in front of Škorvánok and Svitana shot their game winning goal. 

František Štolc Poprad’s junior coach assistant: “We are so happy for this victory, we have defeated the team that has been at the top of the standings. The game was balanced, and so I don’t think it would be fair to get all the 3 points. We made some mistakes as well, and that makes us even happier about the fact that we won.”

Peter Draisaitl, Košice’s couch: “Again, we didn’t manage to keep a 2-goal lead. Eventually, we may be happy for that 1 point. The home players were hungrier for success, they were winning most of personal fights. We weren’t playing the game we had talked about.”