Cookie Policy


Sometimes we are saving small data files so called cookies on your PC in order to ensure a proper functioning of this website.  It is a usual practice of majority of the large websites.

What are the cookies?

Cookie is a small text file saved by the website in your OC or mobile device during browsing. Thanks to this file the website is saving information on your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and others display settings) for a certain time so you are not required to re-enter these data during a new visit of the site.

How cookies are used?

The cookies are helping us

  • To determine what functions of the site are used by the visitors most frequently
  • To monitor a number of visitors and to determine what sites they are coming from
  • For selection of relevant ads

Types of cookies used

  • Conversion cookies - enable analysis of performance of the individual traffic channels
  • Tracking - in combination with conversion cookies, these cookies help to analyze a performance, volume and quality parameters of various traffics
  • Re-marketing - used for personalization of ads and correct targeting of the ads
  • Analytical - used for analysis of user behavior that helps us in user interface improvement

The following cookies are used on our websites

Publisher/ cookie name Type
Adwords Tracking, Re-marketing, 3rd
Facebook Tracking, Conversion, 3rd
Google Analytics Analytical, Tracking, 3rd
Getsitecontrol Analytical + Pop up, 3rd 


By clicking on the appropriate field in the bottom bar displayed on our website, the user agrees with use of cookies. By changing settings in the web browser the user can prohibit use of the cookies any time after this approval is granted. Cookies can be refused or use of only some types of cookies can be set in your web browser.  You will find this option in the web browser settings.

How to check cookies?

You can check and/or delete cookies at your discretion. See details on You can delete all cookies saved on your PC and you can set majority of browsers to avoid saving of cookies. However, in such case you will probably need to adjust some setting manually during each visit of the website and some services and functions will not be available.