Conditions for granting accreditations

Accreditation is not transferable and is issued under the name of a physical person (hereafter referred to as 'accredited person').

Accreditation may be issued for the whole season or a single event. Accreditation granted for the whole season expires on 30 April of the calendar year, while accreditation granted for a single event expires at the end of the day of the event.

Full-season accreditation is granted to representatives of the national and regional press and of television and radio broadcasting organisations. Accreditation may also be granted to representatives of dedicated web portals with nationwide reach and significance whose scope and number of readers substantially contribute to promoting HC Košice and Slovak ice hockey.

Each media organisation is granted one accreditation, unless a justified request for further accreditations is presented (more correspondents, cameramen, photographers).

HC Košice reserves the right to restrict issuance of accreditation for capacity reasons. This applies particularly to single-event accreditation where priority is given to representatives of large national media and members of the editorial offices of the opponents' clubs' official websites.

Accreditation is not granted to amateur or casual correspondents or photographers, nor to representatives of amateur web portals.

Accreditation can only be applied for by completing the accreditation form available at An application for single-event accreditation must be sent no later than 24 hours before the game starts. Accreditation is not processed or granted on the day of the event (an ice hockey game), nor before or during the event.

Accreditation is granted on behalf of HC Košice by HC Košice's PR Manager on the basis of an application sent by e-mail to

Accreditation is not transferable and its misuse (by giving an accreditation card to another person without the PR Manager's approval) results in its withdrawal.

The club reserves the right not to grant accreditation or withdraw existing accreditation. Reasons for not granting accreditation are not provided. Reasons for withdrawal of accreditation are provided if the person concerned requests so in writing (email: Reasons for withdrawing accreditation may particularly include a breach of obligations implied by granted accreditation, or failure to use the rights implied by granted accreditation.

Rights and obligations of accredited persons

At events organised by HC Košice (especially before and during ice hockey games), accreditation entitles its holder to enter Steel Aréna and certain designated areas inside Steel Aréna, mainly PRESS CENTRUM (a designated room), MIX ZÓNA (an area outside the teams' dressing rooms) and a specified place in the stands or near the ice rink.

Presence outside and inside these areas is limited to specific times. Steel Aréna can be entered one hour before an event's scheduled start and must be vacated within 90min of its end (45min for MIX ZÓNA).

In Steel Aréna's immediate vicinity, when entering Steel Aréna through a designated entrance and during the entire stay inside Steel Aréna, accredited persons are obliged to observe the organisers' instructions and respect any potential restrictions.

When entering Steel Aréna through a designated entrance and during the entire stay inside Steel Aréna, accredited persons are obliged to identify themselves and carry a valid accreditation card in a visible place (on a string, for example), and accept a check of this card by an authorised person.

HC Košice's PR Manager, the Security Manager and the organisers identified by appropriate organiser's vests are persons authorised to:
- check possession and validity of accreditation cards,
- require voluntary personal identification from persons presenting these cards,
check accredited persons' authorisations to enter specific places.


Refusing to accept these checks constitutes a reason to expel the person concerned from Steel Aréna and withdraw accreditation.

An accredited person is entitled to work in the press centre area, conduct interviews with players, coaches and clubs' representatives in areas and at times designated for this purpose (press centrum, mix zóna).

In the case of a breach of accreditation conditions, the club reserves the right to withdraw accreditation at any time.

By collecting an accreditation card (full-season or single-event), an accredited person gives express consent to all of the conditions stated here.

List of accredited people


  1. Jozef Jarkovský - RTVS
  2. Jozef Frívalský - RTVS
  3. Miroslav Cenko - TV Markíza
  4. Ivo Varnavčin - TV Markíza
  5. Radoslav Lukáč - TV Markíza
  6. Ladislav Antoži - TV JOJ
  7. Karol Kaľavský - TV JOJ
  8. Tomáš Petro - denník Šport
  9. Patrik Fotta - denník Korzár
  10. Veronika Pancuráková - HC Košice
  11. Tomáš Tóth - denník Košice:dnes
  12. Milan Katunský - Oceľ východu
  13. Iveta Fialová - Oceľ východu
  14. Tomáš Lengyel -
  15. Martin Hrotek - TASR
  16. Tomáš Zagiba -
  17. Ivan Harčár -
  18. Svjatoslav Dohovič -
  19. Rádio Šport
  20. Rádio Šport
  21. Zdeněk Kovář - Nový čas


  1. Róbert Berenhaut - čestná akreditácia
  2. Peter Jesenský -
  3. František Iván - TASR
  4. Matúš Zeťák - HC Košice
  5. Tomáš Mačej -
  6. Judita Čermáková - denník Korzár
  7. Ivan Fleischer - SITA
  8. Peter Lazar - Axel Ringier
  9. Arpád Köteles - Oceľ východu
  10. Miroslav Vacula - mesto Košice
  11. Milan Kapusta - TASR
  12. Roman Hanc - TASR
  13. Dávid Židík - HC Košice
  14. Dušan Bodnár - TV Naša
  15. Veronika Janušková - denník Košice:dnes

Apply for accreditation

Please send your accreditation application by e-mail to . We will review your application and send you the result by email as soon as possible.  

Data needed for accreditation:

  • Name and surename
  • E-mail address
  • Telepone number
  • Name of media
  • Publisher
  • Address
  • Responsible publisher
  • Telephone contact of responsible publisher