HC Košice
50. kolo
5 : 1
(2:0, 0:0, 3:1)

HC KošiceMAC Újbuda 5:1 (2:0, 0:0, 3:1)

Goals and assists: 13. Chovan (Haščák), 20. Chovan (Koch, Rapáč), 48. Haščák (Chovan), 53. Chovan (Haščák, Rapáč), 54. Skokan (Faith, Růžička) 56. Bodó (Orbán, Terbócs)

Penalized players: 3:10 for two minutes, power plays: 2:0 defense play: 0:0, referees: Orolin (SVK), Kókai (HUN) Šoltés (SVK), Kis-Király (HUN), 5649 spectators

HC Košice: Škorvánek (Košarišťan) Pavlin, Repe, Čížek, Růžička, Michalčin, Koch, Zeleňák Rapáč, Chovan, Haščák Faith, Skokan, Sukeľ Květoň, Bortňák, Klhůfek Milý, Eliáš, Suja

MAC Budapešť: Bernard (Halász) Garát, Macaulay, Carlisle, Orbán, Busenius, Bugár Orban, Terbócs, Bodó Klempa, Strech, Sofron Kreisz, Majososs, Szigeti Szücs, Nagy, Loczi

Košiče started strong and went after their opponent right from the beginning. The Steelers from eastern Slovakia produced several good scoring chances. The first one came already in third minute when Květoň had the puck on his stick. Czech forward tried to tip the flying puck from Michalčin's pass, but it didn't go as planned. Neither Klhůfek was successful a few seconds later.  Home team had another chance to take the lead at the end of fifth minute. Růžička skated right into the offensive zone and tested the attention of Bernard with a strong shot. Koch didn’t manage to overcome the goaltender of Budapešť either. Bernard was the best player of the guest team in the match. However, few minutes later, he conceded first goal. It happened in 13th minute when Chovan got the puck into the offensive zone. He didn't have an opportunity to combine, but he opted for good shot which landed in the opponent's net. Budapešť could tie the score in 15th minute. Macaulay performed an interesting individual action where he wanted to send the puck between Škorvánek's pads. But goaltender of Košice laid his pads down just on time and kept the puck in front of the goal line. Second and the last goal of first period came in the last minute. The scorer was once again Chovan, this time it was a contact goal from the right circle. After 20 minutes of game, the Steelers led 2:0. 

The second period was similarly interesting. Košice had control over the game. Home team produced several scoring chances after which Bernard could have conceded several other goals.  The third goal seemed to be coming at the end of 23rd minute. After breakthrough, Eliaš fired and Suja tried to tip the puck into the net. However, Bernard showed his good hockey skills twice. Similar situation came nine minutes later. Haščák shot the puck close to the pole and the puck bounced from Bernard's hand back into the game, right to Rapáč, but it was not enough for Košice to increase their lead to 3:0. In the following minutes, the game slowed down a bit. Both teams tried to play tactically and profit from high-quality defense. It was going quite well, but it resulted in the slower pace of the game and fewer opportunities. The opportunity came only 36 seconds before the end of the period after that Košice could have taken a three-goal lead, but the construction of Bernard's goal was against them, so the second period didn't bring any precise shot.  

If Budapešť wanted to score in the metropolis of eastern Slovakia, the players had to level up their game and put more pressure on the team of Košice. However, players of Budapešť didn't have it easy at all against well organized defense of Košice. In 22nd minute, after penalizazion of Terbócs, MAC Újbuda playing with only four players lost its chance to attack and score. Right after penalization, Budapešť withstood the pressure for a while but 6 minutes later the guest team conceded another goal. Chovan led the puck on the left, and even though he could try to score on his own, he didn't get greedy to get a hat-trick. He rather passed the puck to experienced forward Haščák who sent the puck right behind Bernard and scored. Košice were leading 3:0 and it was clear that the opponents from Hungary would have it very difficult as the Steelers were on fire. The Steelers demonstrated their enthusiasm in 53rd minute when Chovan finalized his hat-trick and in 54th minute when the captain Skokan increased the lead to 5:0. In 56th minute, Bodó scored the first goal for Budapešť which was also the last goal of the match. Overall, Košice defeated Budapešť 5:1. 

Peter Draisaitl, coach of Košice: "We tried to put a constant pressure on the opponent. We knew that they had played difficult matches and travelled a lot. Basically, we were able to control the game throughout whole 60 minutes. Today we played very well, got many things right, but there are still some details we need to work on.

Gergely Majoross, coach of Újbuda: "So far, the game of Košice suited our game. They play fast hockey as we also do. Today, however, we came short. Košice deserved those three points."