HC Košice
13. kolo
7 : 1
(4:1, 2:0, 1:0)

HC Košice - HC 07 Detva 7:1 (4:1, 2:0, 1:0)

Goals and assistance: 3. Šoltés (Dudáš, Spilar), 3. Žitný (Krajňák, Koch), 7. Kafka (Netík, Pulli), 15. Kafka (Pulli, Netík), 21. Šoltés (Brophey, Nagy), 37. Nagy (Brophey, Haščák), 45. Brophey (Haščák, Nagy) – 17. Ďaloga (Surový)

Penalized players: 2:6 for two minutes, power plays: 3:0, penalty kill: 0:0, Referees: Stano, (SVK), Nikolic (AUT) - Gegáň, Frimmel (both SVK), 3137 spectators

HC Košice: Habal (Škorvánek) – Pretnar, Koch, Čížek, Pulli, Dudáš (A), Šedivý, Lenďák – Haščák, Brophey, Nagy (C) – Netík, Suja, Kafka – Spilar (A), Galamboš, Šoltés – Hričina, Krajňák, Žitný – Klíma

HC 07 Detva: Petrík (3. Riečický) – Mar. Chovan (A), Kuklev, Gachulinec, Hraško, Fekiač, Sládok (C), Hedera, Šimon – Ščurko (A), Murček, Puliš – Jakuceňa, Magogin, Žilka – Ďaloga, Král, Surový – Tibenský, Valent, Mat. Chovan

The Košice team could hardly imagine a better start of the match than the one they experienced. Although many exciting moments did not come in the first two minutes, already eight seconds later we saw the first goal. It was scored by Šoltés, who steadied the puck, knocked-out Petrík and shot a goal for the first time.  Petrík capitulated in the same minute when also Žitny scored the goal, so he had to leave the ice at the score 2:0 for Košice. He was replaced in the net by Riečický who faced a number of unpleasant endings. Among these could be mentioned the ending of Netík or Brophey; however, neither of them changed the score. However, Kafka was successful - he scored two goals and so made Košice to lead the match 3:0 and 4:0. It seemed that they would have the first period clearly on their own account, but finally they also made a mistake. After misunderstanding, it was an individual break-away of Ďaloga who benefited from the offered space and overcame Habal. So Ďaloga terminated the goal feast brought by the opening period. After 20 minutes of the game Košice lead over Detva 4:1.

Also the second period brought a very fast goal and again thanks to our boys. Dávid Šoltés managed to score after a minute of the game; he already scored to 5:1. So we also had another two-goal striker after Kafka. Then the game slightly calmed down and this was true until the 27th minute. Just at this time Netík was about to score another goal when he stood alone in front of Riečický. But the goalie intervened in a fabulous way and significantly supported his team. However, it was also interesting on the opposite side; Žilka shoot well in the 29th minute and Habal had a lot of work to do to successfully push the puck into a safe zone. Finally, he succeeded and it also was the reason why less than four minutes to go to the end of the second period of regular playtime the captain of Košice Nagy completed the half a dozen goals scored by the Steelers. Šimon also tried it before the break, his cross shot was not taken well. Thus, after 40 minutes the score was 6:1 for the Košice team.

The beginning of the final part of the match was extremely cautious on both sides, nevertheless, we were able to outnumber the opponent in the half of the 42nd minute. Kafka still unsuccessfully sought Netík, however, the puck failed to reach him. So, it seemed that our experienced forward has not been predestined to score in this match. However, it was true that neither the third period remained without goals. A perfect action of the elite Košice formation managed to get Detva defenders out. Brophey was at the end of everything, he easily guided the puck to the uncovered part of the Riečický's net. Šoltés could afterwards get to hat-trick, he shot from a difficult position. However, the Detva goalie managed to stop an excellent cross shot, so the score remained unchanged. This was true until the absolute ending, so Košice eventually defeated Detva 7:1.