HC Košice
24. kolo
2 : 3
(1:1, 1:0, 0:2)
HC 07 Detva

HC 07 WPC Koliba Detva HC Košice 2:3 (1:1, 1:0, 0:2)

Goals and assists: 15 Sýkora (Zuzin), 28. Valent 6. Chovan (Růžička, Haščák), 48. Rapáč (Chovan), 57. Rapáč (Skokan, Repe)

Penalized players: 5:2 for two minutes, power plays: 0:2, defense plays: 0:0, referees: Štefik (SVK), Kókai (HUN) Rojík (SVK), Soltész (HUN), attendance: 623

HC 07 WPC Koliba Detva: Petrík (Šimko) Chovan, Gachuliec, Golian, Kuklev, F. Fekiač, Jendroľ, Turan, Surový Šišovský, Zuzin, Sýkora Gašpar, Podešva, Žilka Čenka, V. Fekiač, Král Čacho, Valent, Ľupták

HC Košice: Škorvánek (Košarišťan) Čížek, Růžička, Slovák, Repe, Michalčin, Koch, Bučko Květoň, Chovan, Haščák Rapáč, Skokan, Klhůfek Belluš, Bortňák, Vrábeľ Milý, Suja, Jokeľ

Players from Detva got their teeth into the game already during its opening minutes. It only took them 35 seconds till Šišovský got in front of Škorvánek's net. Then, the same man put his shooting luck to the test, but he only hit the side of Košice's net. So Košice wanted to score on the opposite side of the ice. They tried to make use of the puck bouncing back to the game from Petrík, but they didn't succeed in this chaotic situation. Another big chance of Steelers occurred at the beginning of the 5th minute. From behind the net, Rapáč found Bortňák among the circles. He looked up, but he only hit the well-positioned goalie. The score finally changed a minute later.  Chovan first won the face-off for Růžička, but finally it was him who tipped the good shot of his Czech teammate into the net. Since then, Košice were keeping their opponent in the safe zone, and moreover, they could increase their lead in the 12th minute. Haščák was in a good position, but he didn't overcome Petrík in neither of his 2 attempts. Růžička's rebound didn't turn out well either. Thus, it led to Sýkora's punishment on the other side of the ice. He took away the puck from Slovák and even if Škorvánek saved his first shot, he didn' manage to cope with the his rebound. After the first 20 minutes of the game, the score was tied - 1-1.

Steelers from Košice entered the middle part rather hyped up. One could see it as soon as in the 21st minute, when Skokan sent a cross pass to Haščák. But Petrík was careful. Later the former tried to rebound but he didn't succeed either. However, there was a goal on the opposite side. In the 28th minute, Valent went into a break, and overcame Škorvánek for the second time thanks to his snapshot. Detva took the lead. No change occurred in the 31st minute either. Haščák managed to send the puck into Čížek's net, but he did so with a high stick, and so the score couldn't change. It wasn't changed by Suja either, as he tipped the puck in the 36th minute. Petrík made a great save again, this time using his pad. So, Detva left the ice in a good temper.

So, if Steelers still wanted to fight over points in central Slovakia, they had to score at least once in the last period. Of course, the defense of Detva was strong and tried to keep their rival from Petrík the furthest possible. They were doing great until the 48th minute. Chovan got into a break, in which he sent a perfect puck to Rapáč. No one expected that including the goalie of Detva, who yielded 2nd goal. Home players didn't like such progress at all. Thus, in the middle of the 54th minute, they had an ideal chance to approach the 3 points, along with Skokan's penalization. However, they tossed their chance away, which, as usually, followed by a punishment in form of the 3rd goal of Košice. Petrík blocked Repe's shot, but Rapáč got to the puck and scored his second goal. Thus, Steelers defeated Detva 3-2.