HC Košice
52. kolo
7 : 2
(0:0, 2:1, 5:1)
HC Nové Zámky

HC Košice — HC Nové Zámky 7:2 (0:0, 2:1, 5:1)

Goals and assistance: 35. Haščák (Klhůfek, Chovan), 37. Rapáč (Chovan, Pavlin), 44. Rapáč (Chovan, Haščák), 46. Klhůfek (Haščák, Chovan), 51. Rapáč (Chovan, Zeleňák), 52. Bortňák (Klhůfek, Milý), 53. Faith (Skokan, Sukeľ) — 29. Holovič (Drtina, Obdržálek), 42. Rogoň (Labrecque)

Penalized players: 5:7 for two min., in addition: Skokan (KOS — 10 min. for unfair conduct , Hatala (NZM — 10 min. for unfair conduct), power plays: 1:1 penalty kill: 0:0, Referees: Snášel (SVK), Kókai (HUN), Bogdaň (SVK), Kis-Király (HUN), 7067 visitors

HC Košice: Škorvánek (Košarišťan) – Pavlin, Repe, Růžička, Koch, Čížek, Zeleňák – Rapáč, Chovan, Haščák – Faith, Skokan, Sukeľ – Paršin, Bortňák, Klhůfek – Milý, Eliáš, Nagy

HC Mikron Nové Zámky: Pavlas (52. Nechvátal) — Labrecque, Hatala, Fereta, Drtina, Pavúk, Magovac, Hain — Andrisík, Bajtek, Števuliak — Jurík, Fábry, Obdržálek — Rogoň, Holovič, Mikula — Ondrušek

The beginning of the match between Košice and Nové Zámky was quite interesting when after the initial substitution the guests failed to comply with the prescribed number of players on ice, which resulted in a short-hand play. It enabled Košice to be a more active team in the beginning, even though the defense of Nové Zámky led by the goalkeeper Pavlas closely guarded their net. And nothing has changed despite the effort made by Faith and Rapáč - they have not scored during this penalty. However, it might happen in the seventh minute. Until then it was a defensive play for the Košice team but Rapáč came on ice at the right time and, along with Pavlin he developed a good goal chance. And again, it was not enough for overcoming Pavlas. The endplay of Skokan in the fourteenth minute was quite interesting when he covered the puck with his body and then he tried it from behind the defense of the opponent. However, the defenders helped and enabled him to remain composed. Nové Zámky developed the last great chance of the first period. It happened in the 16th minute, when Andrisík got the puck and tried a shot from quite a large angle. The shot was not in vain, but Škorvánek stood very firm in his net and supported the Košice team. So, we did not see a precise action in the first period.

Both teams wanted to change this score during the second period of regular playtime, while they could be successful very quickly. That is, already after 60 seconds of the game Jurík was in a good position; fortunately for the Košice team, he failed to hit the puck in an ideal way. Ultimately, however, there was not much to be unhappy, the team of Nové Zámky finally took the lead. It happened in the half of the 29th minute, when the guests were playing their power play. Škorvánek knocked out the first shot from the blue line; but then the puck landed right in front of him and Holovič found his way in this situation - he had no reason to hesitate. In the 32nd minute it could be balanced, after a good pass from Faith it was sent directly to the pole by Klhůfek. However, Pavlas credited another important intervention to his account and he was more and more at ease. However, everything changed already three minutes later. Also, the Košice team benefited from their power play, specifically Haščák, who was the best shooter of the competition.  The Steelers played it in a traditional way, Haščák ended the play at the end of each action from the left and Pavlas was powerless against him. To make matters even better, two minutes later Nové Zámky were losing. Chovan found Rapáč, who adjusted the score to 2:1 from a short distance. This score remained unchanged even until the second break.         

Despite the narrow score before the third period, it was clear that Košice would not like to share the points, and so the best possible solution for the home team seemed to be to score the second goal to calm down. Of course, it was very difficult against motivated hockey players from Nové Zámky, with the pretty much high motivation of the home team until the end. And it was confirmed very quickly when Rogoň in the 42nd minute received the free puck and sent it in a nice way directly under the top post of Škorvánek. However, Nové Zámky players did not enjoy their lead for a long time, in the 44th minute Rapáč turned around the net and again sent Košice the into lead in an effective manner and also Klhůfek scored the goal two minutes later, this time it ended up at the pole, and he used it appropriately. However, this still has not been the definitive result as the Steelers were motivated and continued their attack. Their effort has borne fruit in the 51st minute when Rapáč completed a hat trick. A minute later Bortňák completed the half a dozen goals between the leg guards, and also the young player Faith scored the goal — he set the definitive score 7:2.

Peter Draisaitl, Coach of Košice: „Today I personally enjoyed the first goal of the young player Faith. He works hard all year round and he finally succeeded. And it also applies to Bortňák. We finished the preliminary round after which we are ranked third. Thank you, boys, for that.”

Miroslav Mosnár, Coach of Nové Zámky: “The first period was good for us; however, much of our effort was expended on power plays. In the second period the Košice team did not let us penetrate outside the zone and from the score 4:2 it was a “one team match”. I am sorry that the players who were supposed to be the driving force, gave it up. I am not so much disappointed about the result of the match but about the way we have lost it.”