HC Košice
Round 24
5 : 3
(3:2, 2:1, 0:0)
HC '05 B. Bystrica

HC 05 Banská Bystrica - HC Košice 5:3 (3:2, 2:1, 0:0)

Goals and assistances: 3. Brittain (Asselin, Surový), 5. Surový (Sedlák), 5. Faille (Asselin), 27. Lunter, 30. Brittain (Surový, Asselin) - 8. Pacan (Suja, Šedivý), 13. Nagy (Šedivý), 38. Kessel (Hovorka)

Suspensions: 3:8 - 2 minutes, power play: 2:1, short-handed plays: 1:0, referees: Hradil, Šír – Tosenovjan, Kollár, 2,532 spectators

HC 05 iClinic Banská Bystrica: Lassila (Lukáš) – Ďatelinka, Kubka, Brejčák, Sedlák, Mihalik, Grundling, Košecký – Lunter, Surový (C), Lamper – Bartánus (A), Bubela, Hohmann – Asselin, Faille, Brittain – Gabor, Češík, Belluš – Róth

HC Košice: Habal (5. Škorvánek) – Dudáš, Šedivý, Kessel, Gernát, Pulli, Bača, Michalčin, Matejka – Hričina, Boltun, Nagy (C) – Kafka, Hovorka (A), Suja (A) – Klíma, Pacan, Koyš – Novotný, Vrábeľ, Petráš

The beginning of the match was very difficult for HC Košice resulting in fast goals scored by Banská Bystrica. Brittain has scored the first goal in power play in the minute 3 and skilled Surový increased score to 2:0 two minutes later. Faille has scored the third goal in the same minute and the goalkeeper Habal has left the goal. With a new goalkeeper Škorvánek, the HC Košice team was able to score two goals - first was Pacan´s tip-in in the minute 8 during a power play. Five minutes later captain Nagy had a chance with score decreased to 2:3. First period ended with this score.

The second period showed the similar picture. The home players have their first change but Lamper was unsuccessful against the goalkeeper Škorvánek. However, Lunter was successful in the minute 22 and Brittain in the minute 30. Score was 5:2 for the home team. HC Košice responded in the minute 38 when puck was passed to the Kessel after a winning face-off. His shot from the blue line was successful and score has changed to 5:3. And this score remained the same till the end of the period.

The goal of the team from Banská Bystrica was clear at the beginning of the third period - to keep the score and to win the match. They were successful and in the minute 47 Hohman was very close to score for the sixth time, but Škorvánek´s save was successful.  The score remained the same till the end of the third period and with score 5:3 Banská Bystrica won the match and acquired three points.

Vladimír Országh, Banská Bystrica coach: "Very attractive match for the spectators. We saw many goals and many chances. Our goalkeeper Lassila was excellent and we valuate today´s victory very much."

Milan Jančuška, Košice coach: "I don´t think that we were a worse team today. Pity that we were not successful in attempt to return back to the match. The score could be different."