HC Košice
34. kolo
2 : 1
(1:1, 0:0, 1:0)
HC SLOVAN Bratislava

Goals and assistance: 3. Vrábeľ (Jokeľ, Zeleňák), 46. Suja (Majdan, Zeleňák) – 8. Petráš (Žitný)

Penalized players: 3:1 for (2) minutes, power plays: 0:0 defense plays: 0:0, referees: D. Konc sr., Štefik — J. Konc, D. Konc jr., 8,347 visitors

HC Košice: Košarišťan (Škorvánek) — Koch (A), Čížek (A), Zeleňák, Slovák, Repe, Růžička — Haščák, Skokan (C), Majdan — Klhůfek, Suja, Květoň — Belluš, Bortňák, Rapáč — Jokeľ, Vrábeľ, Milý

HC Slovan Bratislava: Habal (Sabo) — Bačík, Sersen (C), Štajnoch, Meszároš (A), Šedivý, Hudec, Demo — Puliš, Zigo, Abdul — Žitný, Viedenský, Petráš — Kukumberg (A), Kytnár, Kormúth — Bondra, Urbánek, Sloboda

Košice was hosting the absolute smash of the round. The duel of the major rivals was tense sing the very beginning. From the first seconds of the game both teams were trying to get in front of the opponent's goaltender. Košice experienced the first success - even though it was at the end of the third minute it meant a goal. Slovan was rotating the players and they were not able to make a formation in the defense field, which ideally used Petráš who scored. The team of Košice was leading 1:0. One minute later it could have been even better. Klhůfek was also trying. He shot from an angle. However, the goaltender Habal saved the team of Bratislava. The game was then quiet, the next change came in the half of the seventh minute. And the Steelers were involved again. The puck went from Haščák to Zeleňák and then to Květoň but this Czech legionary did not score. So, one minute later it was punished. Also, Slovan players started to push before Košarišťan. He was helpless against the finish of Petráš. The score was even since the eighth minute. In the next course of the first period both teams focused on tactical defense and the score remained unchanged. They hit the locker rooms with the score 1:1.

In the second period both teams wanted to connect to the good play we saw in the first period. They were trying to play fair — in the first period we did not see any punished players. But Košice was the first team to play a defense play. Suju and Koch were penalized, but Slovan did not manage to use this opportunity. The shot of Meszároš at the end of the 24th minute scared everybody but eventually the puck hit just the glass behind the Košarišťan's net. Slovan could have scored also three minute later when two domestic skaters accidentally collided in front of the net. In addition, Košarišťan was out of the net. The puck was dangerously close, but the guest team did not score. The chances were also on the other side of the ice-rink. In the 34th minute Haščák received a good pass so he wanted to score. However, Habal guessed right his intentions and caught the puck. Habal saved the team also in the 39th minute. Then Puliš from Slovan went to sit to the punishment bench where he started to serve two minutes for hooking. Because the team of Košice did not score before the break they had additional 32 power seconds in the third period.

But they did not score so everything was still open in the third period. Suja started an action after 30 seconds of the game, but he came too late in front of Habala. If he came there a few seconds earlier the goaltender of Slovak could have been in big trouble. Anyway, Dame Fortune was generous to this player in the 46th minute. Suja received a pass from the blue line and placed it in Habala's net. Košice was leading for the second time in this game. Even though Slovan tried to response they did not manage to score. The team of Košice then added the eleventh victory in the row to their scorecard. They are on the top of the tipsportleague chart with the advantage of seven points.

Peter Draisaitl, coach of Košice: “Our biggest challenge was to pass the central field. We had some trouble with the defense and therefore we had to be more defensive as we are used to. Slovan showed their qualities. Goaltender Košarišťan caught several cahnces of the opponent's team. It is the victory of will and character.”

Roman Stantien, coach of Slovan: “I will not assess this. Same thing happens to us every game. I am not going to comment on what I have seen during the finish of the game.”