HC Košice
22. kolo
3 : 1
(1:1, 0:0, 2:0)
DVTK Jegesmedvék Miskolc

DVTK Jegesmedvék Miškovec HC Košice 3-1 (1-1, 0-0, 2-0)

Goals and assists: 8 Beach (Dudás, Ross), 45. Harrison (Galanisz), 60. Beach 3. Jokeľ (Koch, Michalčin)

Penalized players: 6:6 for two minutes., also: Belluš (KOS 10 min. for unsportsmanlike conduct), power plays: 1-0 defense play: 0-0, referees: Korba, Kalina Beniač, Stanzel (all SVK), attendance: 1411

DVTK Miškovec: Rajna Láda, Vandane, Ross, Dudás, D. Kiss, Szirányi, Vojtkó Beauvillier, Vas, Reszegh Beach, St. Pierre, Rodman Miskolczi, Galanisz, Harrison P. Kiss

HC Košice: Škorvánek (Košarišťan) Slovák, Repe, Čížek, Růžička, Michalčin, Koch, Bučko Belluš, Chovan, Haščák Květoň, Skokan, Klhůfek Rapáč, Suja, Jokeľ Milý, Bortňák, Vrábeľ

Game in Hungarian Miškovec offered interesting shots from the very beginning of the match. Košice sprang an active game on their rivals, that was demonstrated by Rajna facing Klhůfek. Despite his shot being pushed down at first, the guests eventually rejoiced in the relatively fast goal. At the beginning of the 3rd minute, Koch sent a dangerous puck from the blue line, and Rajna only managed to get it in front of him. The one who benefited from the situation the most was Jokeľ, thanks to whom the Steelers took the lead. Later, Čížek and Slovák tried to increase the lead to 2-0, but this time, Rajna didn't yield a goal. But the score changed on the opposite side. Košice were playing shorthanded, when another penalty was announced for the player of the Slovak team, but it actually never arrived, as Beach scored an equalizer to 1-1 during the outnumbering. Both teams were doing their best to change the tied score. On the part of the home players it was Láda, who was passed an ideal puck in front of the crease, but he couldn't make use of it to win over Škorvánek. Květoň and Belluš were not able to use their opportunities either. Thus, the first period ended with a tied score 1-1 after the goals of Beach and Jokeľ'. 

Similarly to the 1st period, Košice's players prevailed in the 1st minute of the middle part as well. Belluš opened and also closed the opening offensive action, but his shot on goal didn't surprise Rajna much. Slovák didn't score as well, as the home goalie pushed the puck to the board with his look. In the 26th minute, we could see a shot from the left circle, from where it was sent by Haščák. Rapáč was in a good position in front of the crease, but Rajna managed to save the puck. On the opposite side, Škorvánek had to be careful as well. After a break through the right-wing, Beauvillier got to shoot, but it was nothing of a surprise for the goalie of Košice. The 34th minute didn’t bring a score change either. Rapáč sent the puck from behind the net to the front, where Suja and Jokeľ were already waiting. But Rajna saved the puck. The same man was successful 3 minutes later as well. Chovan made use of Belluš's pass and took a snapshot, but neither this puck found its way into the net. Thus the 2-goal opening part was followed by a no-goal middle period. 

It meant only one thing both teams were just one step from gaining 3 points, and they entered the last part determined to take the lead. Finally, Miškovec was successful, as Harrison in the 45th minute made use of his break and scored a game-winning goal to 2-1 above Škorvánek's blocker. Despite Košice's great effort, they didn't tie. On the contrary, Beach increased to 3-1 with an empty netter. Thus, three points remained in Miškovec.