HC Košice transforms itself into a community club and the long-term fans have also the chance to support it (natural and legal persons) by providing financial resources in any amount to the club's transparent account.

The club will use the funds to purchase equipment exclusively for the junior teams. In this way, HC Košice wants to fulfill its goals in a transparent manner and to build a strong junior base.

It is the transparent functioning and progress of youth that belong to the club's priorities for the upcoming period.

Besides the players' equipment, the funds will also be used for purchase of technological solutions. For example, for the analytical cloud solution for recording and processing of records from trainings and matches using the analytical tools. All coaches will have access to the recorded videos thanks to the storage of records in the cloud. In this way, the coaches will be able to monitor the progress of individual teams and players. The camera system is used by a dozen of hockey and football clubs. Its price is around EUR 25,000. Other examples of use are shooting range, training hall, power-skating, cryo chamber, etc.

Names of all patriots will be published on the club's website (with their consent). Names of the patriots who will donate to the club a sum of more than EUR 199 will be displayed on the Patriot Wall during all home matches. Any natural and legal person may become a patriot.

The transparent account number is: SK8209000000005162672304

The movements in the account can be monitored on the website >>

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact:


List of patriots:


  • Stanislav Mucha
  • Jakub Peter
  • Tomáš Kuriatnik
  • Martin Petruš
  • Juraj Topolčani