Advertising before and during matches

HC Košice offers a wide scale of activities and carriers for advertisements during matches. A well-placed advertisement along with the game atmosphere will attract the interest of spectators and entertain them.


Top Shot - shooting of T-shirts with partner's 's logo:

Shooting of T-shirts with partner's logo into the audience during a power break and relating projection on the cube. T-shirt with unified design and partner's logo on a sleeve. There might be a flyer or an advertising object with partner's logo in the rolled T-shirt. Video >>


Hockey clappers - your advertising in the hands of fans:

Hockey clappers are a fancy and effective means of advertising, which entertains the spectators. Interactive element (spectators are cheered to use the clappers) adds a special aspect to this product. One side has a content defined by the club. The other side is specified by the client. Hockey clappers are either given out in front of individual sectors, or are ready to be taken by fans on the spot.


PowerBreak – on-ice activity:

PowerBreak is an advertising break (once per period), during which an advertising spot may be projected. It may be connected to "ice cleaning". Cleaning may be carried out by young HC Košice players, or by club’s own employees (hostesses, a mascot etc.). HC Košice players may be wearing dresses supplied by the client. During ice-cleaning, the moderator reads client's content from the cube "PowerBreak brings you.... "


Cube - eye-catching presentation:

Cube advertising offers a possibility of dynamic and static advertising. The cube is a dominant media carrier during the game and breaks. Cube presentation may be supplied by other activities and moderator's sequels. Video >>


Small flags- your logo boosts up the atmosphere:

Advertising flags represent an interactive form of advertising. One side of the flag has a content defined by the club. The other side is at client's disposal. The flags are used by Steel Arena visitors during the match, but sometimes they take it home (mostly children).


Contest - entertains the spectators:

Contents during matches are an interactive and attractive means of advertisement. The club advises singe-shot and regular contests through match invitations, published both on official and Facebook page of the club. The contest itself takes place during the 2nd break, and its sponsor is announced both by the cube and the moderator.


Helmets- your logo on the fans' heads:

Paper helmets are a popular entertainment for the fans. The helmet contains club's logo (on the front) as well as 2x partner's logo (on the sides). The smallest fans especially, but the adults as well, sometimes keep the helmets and take it home after the game.


Hockey day - exclusivity within one's grasp:

Hockey day is an exclusive product, offering the partners to take over the advertising of a particular game. Given match contains client's name in the match invitations, such as the Ness Hockey Day. Advertising package contains: clapper with partner's logo 4000ks, TopShot 20 T-shirts, contest, cube advertisement. Program and means of presentation may be supplied by individual requirements. These must be consulted with the club marketing employee.


Ice resurfacer- advertising during breaks:

Advertising on the ice resurfacers is presented during breaks. Partner's logo is placed on the sides of the ice resurfacer.


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