People from Košice have participated in the fundraising for little Alex

ADDED: 22.3.2020

The story of little warrior Alex Brdársky who suffers from spiral muscular atrophy (SMA) reached out to public including athletes. Thousands of people have participated in the fundraising for a very expensive treatment, and out of EUR 2.5 million, more than EUR 1 million has been raised. Only 73 days are left until the end of the fundraising (you can find more information on

HC Košice responded to the fans’ initiatives and sent to the organizer of the fundraising signed jerseys of Andrej Košarišťan, Mišo Chovan and Marcel Haščák. The jerseys will be put up for public auction the proceeds of which will go straight to the fundraising account.

We keep our fingers crossed for little Alex and his family.