We can do it together. Everyone will have an opportunity to support our club

ADDED: 18.3.2020

Early termination of the hockey season caused substantial financial loss to all hockey clubs and HC Košice is not an exception. Fans have been sending us initiatives to support the club either through social media or via e-mail, and we are very grateful for that.

The management of the club together with a team of experts are currently trying to create an overall concept for HC Košice for the future season. We are talking about both economic and sport situation. The club wants to maintain continuity and the trend that has been set with an aim to fulfil the declared goals and visions. One of these goals is a transformation of HC Košice into a community club. Considering the current situation and its possible impacts on society and economy around the world, HC Košice can achieve long-term successful functioning and progress only as a strong part of the community in which all members help and support each other, respect each other and work together in the same direction.  

The marketing team of HC Košice is currently trying to restructure the portfolio of marketing products with an aim to prepare an offer that will appeal to a wide range of small and medium enterprises. Concerning the sale of season tickets, we are currently preparing “cash-back” compensations and at the same time, we want to extend the benefits for their holders. This way, we will be able to create several opportunities for companies and individuals to support HC Košice.  

We want to present these and other changes to people from Košice in a well prepared and professionally constructed communication campaign whose only goal will be to make the fans of HC Košice believe that together, we can overcome any challenges and obstacles.

Please, follow our communication channels, there is a lot of work ahead of us, but we are sure, there are things we can look forward to.