Six years ago, we finished the finals series with six goals

ADDED: 22.4.2020

PUBLISHED: April 21, 2020

Exactly six years ago, on Easter Monday, April 21, 2014, we were happy to win the seventh title in the history of the independent Slovak Republic, i.e. the overall ninth champion title, when we were successful in the finals series against Nitra (4:3). During the last seventh match of the series in the sold-out stadium Steel Arena we won with Nitra with a high score 6:0 (1:0, 4:0, 1:0). What was interesting in this match, was that the goalkeeper Rastislav Staňa became the first goalkeeper in the Slovak top competition who managed to maintain a no-goal score in the seventh final match. Martin Štrbák was the captain of the team; he injured himself in the fourth match of the finals series and thus he could not play in next matches. So, the championship cup has been taken over by two players, the playing captain Peter Bartoš and Martin Štrbák, recovering from his injury. At the same time, it was the first title in the Slovak top competition for Rastislav Staňa and Martin Štrbák.

Match line-up: Staňa (Hylák) - Macejko, Cebák, Deyl, Klouček, Šeda, Kolba, M. Takáč - Jenčík, P. Bartoš, Spilar - M. Bartánus, T. Marcinko, Hrnka - Sojčík, Češík, Bicek - D. Pašek, Jokeľ, Skalický – Hinďoš

Coaches: Anton Tomko, assistant Pavol Zůbek

Statements after the match:

Peter Bartoš: "It is finally over and we can properly enjoy championship celebrations. There was much pressure put on us when we did not manage the sixth match in Nitra. The team braced itself up and showed where its force lies.”

Martin Štrbák: "The boys were encouraged since the morning. I was a little afraid that they would be over motivated, which means that when there are strong emotions, they play harder. However, the boys made their best and they were excellent."

Anton Tomko: "It was important that we pulled ourselves together after the loss with Nitra a discussed what we must improve. The team was active, we had the edge on them from the beginning of the match, from the initial face-off and we scored. We were forced forward by the sold-out Steel Arena, which helped us very much."

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