Ten years ago, we defeated Slovan in Steel Arena and won the 7th Champions title

ADDED: 28.4.2020

Today, April 23, 2020, we mark the 10th anniversary of the winning of the 5th Champions title in the history of the independent Slovak Republic, and the overall seventh Champions title, when we were successful in the finals series against Slovan Bratislava (4:2).

We won with Slovan 5:2 (0:0, 2:1, 3:1) in the sixth match of the finals series. The matches of the finals series were specific mainly for our goalkeeper Július Hudáček (brother Libor played for Slovan) and forward Rudolf Huna (brother Richard and Róbert played for Slovan). The matches were very exciting, as we can see from the fight in the last match between our Peter Slimák and visiting Kováčik, following which V. Dravecký scored the 5th goal of the match, by which he secured the win of Košice and so the captain Peter Bartoš could take over the championship cup.



Match line-up: J. Hudáček – Michal Grman, Tabaček, Deyl, Šeda, Slimák, Homer – Rudolf Huna, S. Gron, P. Bartoš – Šachl, Húževka, Andrašovský – Dravecký, Jenčík, Vorel – Gmitter, Marcel Baláž, Juraj Sýkora

Coaches : Rostislav Čada, assistant Pavol Zůbek

Statements after the match:

Stanislav Gron, forward: “I am greatly pleased, as always when we obtained the title; it is perfect to enjoy it with our own supporters.”

Rostislav Čada, Coach: “When we were down during the season, I said to the team that we would work hard. And if it had not been changed and this team had not started to win, it would have been the greatest mistake in my life. Our success is due to our high commitment, trainings, our playing discipline and willingness to defend the title. It is the most beautiful hockey day in my life…”

Dušan Andrašovský, forward: “In case of the first goal of Slovan we failed twice in the neutral zone, when we wrongly approached the opponent´s players. There was outnumbering and then, at the end of the action, I fell and smashed the puck into the net. Considering my goal (2:1), the boys managed it very well in the corner of the rink and some of them sent me an excellent pass, thanks to which I scored. I am one hundred percent convinced that it was a goal, as the sound was completely different from the sound when a puck hits a pole. Fortunately, the referee acknowledged this goal; I lost a few years of my life when waiting for the verdict. “

Video - Summary of goals: