Statement of HC Košice management on the termination of the season and the ranking

ADDED: 16.3.2020

Július Lang, President of HC Košice: ”We were really disappointed in HC Košice when we heard about the decision to terminate this season. Our nine month work was thwarted by “force majeure”. While we fully respect the gravity of this situation and the priority of the measures taken, we regret that we were the only club of the Tipsport League that showed willingness to seek alternate solutions, such as continue with the league once the threat is over. We believe that such approach cannot benefit Slovak hockey. However, we respect the decision of other clubs. Today, we officially thanked our hockey players and the whole implementation team for their work. The damage caused to the clubs because of the end of the season will have a serious impact on the future direction of Slovak hockey. HC Košice, as one of a few clubs whose players are employed on the basis of the employment contract and the act on sport, has approached the premature termination of the season with maximum professionalism, humaneness and helpfulness towards all its employees. We firmly believe that the financial impact on the functioning of the clubs and individual players, as well as possibilities of the financial compensation will be discussed at least at the level of SZĽH. Starting today, the team of people working in the structures of the club has begun finding the solutions and ways on how to continue this way we have set out for the next season. I honestly hope that this situation will band together the Košice community in a same way it pulled together our players and members of the club, and together we will find resources necessary for the professional functioning of the most successful hockey club of the Slovak history. I would like to thank all colleagues, players, coaches and the implementation team in all age groups for the excellent representation of HC Košice. I wholeheartedly thank the loyal partners for their support, the club could not function without them. Last but not least, I want to thank the fans of Košice hockey and great fanclub for everything we have accomplished during this season. Despite the unfavorable economic situation, we have achieved the highest attendance in the league and were looking forward to the exciting play-off thanks to loyal fans of the club. At the same time, I ask and encourage all of them to stay in our favor and help us to overcome this serious situation, since we are all one HC Košice family. We will do our best to successfully represent our club and city in the next season.”

Statement on the ranking of the prematurely terminated league: 

Július Lang, President of HC Košice: “This is an unprecedented situation which was evaluated differently in Slovakia than in other countries. How can we speak of a winner in such situation? No one is the winner, we are all defeated – players, teams, players, sport and the whole society. Did the DEL League, EBEL League, the Swiss NLA or the Czech League announce the champion? It is not the right decision that will have an impact on the further development in the Slovak hockey and certainly will not contribute to the improvement of relations between clubs. For other clubs that made considerate effort in the preparation for the play-off and even reserve some players for this purpose, this was a punch below the belt.

Information for season ticket holders: HC Košice analyzes the situation and prepares a solution for the compensation of season ticket holders. We will inform you via the club communication channels. Thank you for your patience.