Tipsport League clubs agreed to cancel the season

ADDED: 10.3.2020

Current season of the top Slovak ice hockey competition, the Tipsport League, is definitely over. The resolution to cancel the season was made by all the Tipsport League clubs at their session held in Zvolen. Subsequently, the clubs officially requested the League Council to cancel the season, and the managing body agreed to grant their request.

The whole situation is being analyzed within the club. More detailed information and the position of HC Košice will be provided very soon.

Initially, the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF) suspended the competition until Match 23th, following the instructions issued by the Main Task Force on March 9th, 2020 with regard to the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading. But today, at the session in Zvolen, the Tipsport League clubs agreed to cancel the season definitely.

In the wake of this rather unforeseeable situation relating to the spreading of coronavirus, this solution seems to be the most reasonable one, as the possibility of playing games behind closed doors would also be economically disadvantageous for the clubs.


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