2 % of our annual income taxes for youth teams of HC Košice

ADDED: 21.1.2020

Training of young talents and youth work are one of the pillars HC Košice, which is systematically developed in Košice on a long-term basis. Eleven youth teams represent the Club in the competitions of the corresponding age categories and also the young Steelers are traditionally among the best teams in Slovakia.

All youth teams of HC Košice represent the Club with excellent results and this season they will also fight for Champion titles. Work with more than 240 players and their participation in league matches, tournaments, as well as concentration trainings is associated with considerable financial costs.

Also this year there is a possibility to support the training of the young talents of HC Košice by assigning 2 % of annual income taxes of corporate entities and natural persons. When filling a tax return, most of us have the possibility to decide where the State will assign 2 % of its taxes. It will suffice to enter the following initials of the Club into the tax return form.  Your accountants and economists will willingly provide you information on assignment of 2% tax.

Funds collected from remittances of 2% of taxes will be exclusively used for youth work (traveling, coaches, financial support of functioning of teams). In case of any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail address: sekretariat@hckosice.sk

Initials of the Club necessary for assignment of 2 % of tax:

Company ID No.: 00 594 814
Legal form: Civic Association
Name: Hockey Club KOŠICE
Street: Nerudova 12
City: Košice - Juh
Postcode: 040 01

Thank you!