Both children and adults enjoyed skating with the players of HC Košice and Mikuláš

ADDED: 12.12.2019

Also this year during the representation break the HC Košice A Team players found time for their most loyal fans and jointly entered in the Košice Crow aréna ice-hockey ground. They followed up on the successful last year's premiere which gained favor with many hockey fans.

In addition to the opportunity for skating along with the Steelers, all participants were given a unique opportunity to get to know our boys better - say a few words and take home valuable souvenirs in the form of signatures or pictures. Of course, not just adults but also small children came into their own - in addition to the presence of the players themselves, they also enjoyed St Nicolas with his suit. Our fantastic moderator Robo Mamčák took care of the entertainment throughout the event.

Juraj Eliáš: “I enjoy this day very much. I think that our supporters will surely enjoy such events, it is good to have also such contact with them. We would definitely welcome more such events, only during the season our plan is quite demanding; our supporters may not think so, but they give us a lot of energy.

Dávid Skokan: “It is great to meet children and our supporters like this. We play hockey mainly for them and therefore it is nice that we could meet like this and skate together. People can come and see that we are made of meat and bones, quite ordinary people. They can talk to us, we will give them some signatures or photos.

Jakub Suja: This event already takes place for the second time, so it is definitely a successful event. There is a great friendly atmosphere, people can skate with us and also become more familiar. It certainly is an excellent idea and we are glad that the club organizes also such events.

Andrej Košarišťan: “Very successful event, many people came, and it is great. We are enjoying it very much and believe that also people will be enjoying it and we will meet also next year. It is fine that our supporters can take a picture with us, get a signature and that they are happy about it, this is the very least that we can do for them. We get back the energy that we give.”

Martin Belluš: It is great, it brings us closer to our supporters. They will take pictures with us, we will give them some signatures. I hope we will please them at least a little bit and make their coming holidays more enjoyable. It is always nice when such events are organized several times a year, we would certainly welcome more.”

Tomáš Slovák: “Excellent event, and there are a lot of children and it is essential. Previously there were no such events, but now the supporters have an excellent opportunity to get to know us better, and it is great. I would not mind if the club organizes more such events. 

Juraj Milý: “In my opinion, such events with supporters and children are the most beautiful, is a great joy and energy. It is fine that also we can be in contact with supporters, they see us only on ice and sometimes they may think we are different, but we are also human beings. There is not much time for such events during the season, but now it is break, so we made the best of it.

We thank all participants for a pleasant meeting and look forward to seeing you again next year!




HC Košice Media Team (zek, pal)