At the community forum, Jan Stastny presented a new vision for the junior categories

ADDED: 24.10.2019

Last week, the Sports Manager of HC Kosice, Jan Stastny, presented a strategic plan for the junior hockey in Kosice. The aim of the plan is to build a strong academy with players who will play in the A-team and in the Slovak representation. The management of the club, all junior categories as well as parents of our youngest players, all came to the lecture "HC Košice – Way" which took place in Double Tree by Hilton hotel. Children were excited about meeting our hockey players from our A-team, David Skokan and Patrik Koch.

"We organized the lecture because we wanted to present our youth the new culture of the club. The culture should be the base of everything. If we can change the negative things, we will have a chance to move forward. I also required from our A-team players to respect certain rules, so when I came here, it seemed like a good move. We want to set the same for younger players because HC Kosice still belongs among big clubs not only in Slovakia, but also in Europe," said Jan Stastny in relation to the new vision.

During the presentation, some of the short-term and long-term goals were presented, which have the potential to make hockey in Kosice more attractive. Above all we want to maintain the new philosophy, which had been set in the senior locker room prior to the arrival of the new management. This new philosophy also includes good results of the team-A, which should be the role model for our youth.

"We don't want to look into the past anymore. Each team has its good seasons and also the bad ones. When I came to this club, I saw many excited people who wanted to achieve something. I found here amazing background with great players and zealous fans who are part of the team and in my opinion, belong to the best fan clubs. All these are positive things, but we also have to appreciate the parents and coaches more and create one big hockey family," added the Sports Manager.

"We have great interest in our future and future of our kids. We want to point out, that we really are going to build a "bridge" that will connect the junior hockey with the senior one. Currently. this is the most important topic for us. Focusing on youth is in my opinion extremely important. We want to raise another good sportsmen and good people, who will be able to fulfill their dreams not only in the national team, but also abroad," stated Julius Lang, the President of the club

The gala also included awarding of prizes to our juniors who had been achieving very good results in their categories. The President of the club, Julius Lang, the Sports Manager, Jan Stastny, and the A-team players, David Skokan and Patrik Koch, handed the players and their coach an award for winning the Memorial of Ladislav Trojak.

"Abroad, such meetings with players and parents are organized on a regular basis. I am glad that it slowly gets here too. I share the same opinion with Mr. Stastny on the topic that has been presented here. Taking a step by step, the things can be improved. The youth of today should appreciate such care. I am going to be 31 years old, and I have never had such opportunities. We didn't have a conditioning coach, physiotherapist or several coaches. We grew up in completely different conditions. Of course, dreaming is good, but success doesn't come without an effort. Personally, I am glad that we have such people in the club, who help us and support us, and so we can give it 100%. I hope that our youth will understand this and will start to appreciate the new culture and people in the club," added the captain of the team-A David Skokan.

HC Kosice would like to thank Double Tree by Hilton hotel for provision of its facilities.