Ladislav Nagy - the Steelers' Captain: We lost a won match, but we must move on.

ADDED: 3.12.2018

Yesterday's "eastern derby" was full of surprises. Each HC Košice fan must have enjoyed the match opening full of fast and aggressive hockey. Team Captain Ladislav Nagy showed off in the 1st period already and opened the score to 1-0 by scoring Košice's 100th goal of the season. In the middle period, he was followed by Tomáš Hričina and his incredible shot on goal and by Eduard Šedivý with his power-play goal.  However, there was a huge turnover in the last period, when guests from Poprad surprised Košice by 3 quick goals and return to the game. Finally, the winner had to be determined during overtime. After the game, all of our scorers evaluated its development.

Laco, you were lucky to score Košice's 100th goal of the season. How does it feel?
Ladislav Nagy: "Actually, it's feels awesome, but the goal wasn't wining and that negates it. Today, we more or less gave points to Poprad for free. We were dominating the game for 40 minutes and then we suffered such a loss. This shouldn't happen to us, but we can't do anything about it now.

From your point of you, what was the core problem that triggered the return of the rival into the game?
Laco Nagy: "Panic. I don't know why exactly during 3-1, but the fact that Poprad increased to 3-2 multiplied our panic, and we started to play different hockey. Poprad spot the chance to tie the game, so they started to bite even more. The match result is the proof that it was worth it.

The whole game was quite aggresive, did Poprad bite more than usually?
Laco Nagy: "In my opinion, no. They usually play the same hockey, at least against us. Actually, we could be leading 5-0 in the 2nd period, but their goalie was incredible. If it wasn't for him, they would go home with an eight.

Tomáš, beautiful goal on your account. What do you think about it?
Tomáš Hričina: "Each player would be glad to score such a goal. It's not easy at all to get such a great chance to shoot. I am happy that I was able to make use of it. However, I can't celebrate that."

Everything was going on well at the beginning. Where do you see the point of turnover?
Tomáš Hričina: "They shocked us. And after that we were so afraid about the result that we started to make mistakes, that happens. Obviously, we are all sorry about the loss, but we have to move on."

Your team had several dangerous attacks. How did you find Poprad's defense?
Tomáš Hričina: "Their whole team is of high-quality. Matches against them are always a derby. But we managed to hold them where we wanted to. But then a break followed, I don't understand why, and we lost."

Edo, goal from your hockey stick flew almost through the whole offense zone. Is it your typical position to shoot?
Edo Šedivý: "It's my position within the line-up. Each player practices to be able to strike from any position on the ice. Obviously, we all have our strong positions, but we are not always able to achieve them. Today, mine was successful, but unluckily it didn't bring the victory."

You had several good attempts for assists. How do you evaluate your own individual performance in today's match?
Edo Šedivý: "Today, it's not easy to tell. There were some good moments, when we were good as a team. But these were followed by mistakes, that we paid a heavy price for. I know that sometimes I personally could have saved a goal. I had a few bright moments as well. Today, I definitely don't feel good about my performance, but I have to move on."

Your rival's high stick hit you right to the face. Have you been injured?
Edo Šedivý: "Well, I was hit right in the face. That wasn't on purpose these things are normal in hockey, one shouldn't get angry because of that. Luckily, no long-term effects were caused. The hockey stick hit me to the cheekbone, but actually, nothing serious happened."

The next rival of the Steelers will be the Rams on Banská Bystrica's ice and after that, on Sunday, we will be hosting HK Dukla Trenčín. Our guys need your support particularly in such demanding matches, so they are waiting for you on December 2, in Steel Arena! Opening face-off will take place at 4:00 PM. We are looking forward to seeing you.

HC KE Media Team (žov)