Let us play

ADDED: 21.1.2020

Slovak Ice Hockey Federation introduced a campaign called Let us play the aim of which is to raise awareness especially of parents of young hopefuls in the world of ice hockey. It's the parents, who "lead their children to sports and this way, they form their personalities significantly. Thus, it's necessary that parents understand the system of development, and have fundamental knowledge about what is good for their child and on the other hand what may impact its development negatively.

Experts in child psychology have prepared an extensive document that may help parents lead their youngsters without being overly demanding or creating pressure on child.

You may find more information about this initiative on www.nechajtemahratsa.sk and in the guide available on this link https://www.nechajtenashratsa.sk/nechajtenashratsa.pdf

The authors of the campaign aptly expressed its mission in short clips, in which stars like Rasťo Staňa or Michal Handzuš appear.