Our HP2 and HP3 Class small hockey players competed in tournaments

ADDED: 8.1.2020

On January 3, 2020 our second graders from HP2 (U8) participated in the Magna Cup Hockey Tournament in the Sršne (Hornets) Arena in Košice. 7 teams belonging to the class of players born since September 1, 2011 and younger took part in the tournament. The so-called mini hockey was played, and our young players experienced it for the first time. Two teams played on behalf of HC Košice – the blue team and white team. The system each team with each team was used – 2 x 15 minutes.

Participating players of HC Košice:

Dávid Basa, Noel Borový, Patrik Danko, Juraj Demek, Oliver Erös, Ján Estočín, Róbert Franc, Leonard Haluška, Dávid Hegedüš, Ján Heržák, Matej Husár, Jakub Ištoňa, Robie Ray Kolárik, Richard Krajňák, Daniel Orosz, Martin Pribula, Maxim Sanislo, Gabriel Spilar, Sophie Špišák, Peter Verešpej

Participating teams:

HC Košice Blue

HC Košice White

HC Veľký Krtíš

HK Bardejov

HK Sršne Košice Black

HK Sršne Košice White

Penguins Prešov

Our teams finished second (HC Košice Blue) and sixth overall (HC Košice White) under the guidance of the coaches Mgr. Tomáš Pollák and Vladimír Marinčin junior, and team manager Lucia Krajňáková.

Tomáš Pollák, coach of HP 2 HC Košice: “Our players struggled very well with their rivals, even though they participated in such a tournament for the first time. I'm glad they took the opportunity and applied the elements of the training in the game. Hereby I would like to thank all participants and their parents, as well as the implementation team for their cooperation and representation of the club HC Košice.”

Also, our third graders took part in the international tournament Mini Stanley Cup in Michalovce on the same days. The teams Nowy Targ, HKM Michalovce B, HK Sršne Košice, MHK Dolný Kubín A, HK Humenské Levy and Penguins Prešov met in Group A.

HC Košice won in Group B without hesitation, as they gradually defeated MHK Dolný Kubín B 21:0, HA Slávia Prešov 14:5, HKM Michalovce A 8:5, Niedžwiadky Sanok 8:1 and HK Sabinov 8:3. However, on Sunday our boys lost in the final double match with the Nowy Targ team 2:6 and 2:3, so we took second place overall.

Tomi Ganz from our team won the prize for the best goalkeeper and Matúš Horňák, also from HC Košice, won the price for the best player of the tournament.

Coach: Viliam Mižišin Team manager: Ľubo Eštočin

Goalies: Tomi Ganz, Tomi Tischler Players: Ľuboš Eštočin, Adam Kováč, Matúš Horňak, Ivan Novaček, Leo Potoma, Marek Špišák, Jakub Vasko, Jakub Karaba, Martin Repaský, Michal Orlovský


Congratulations to all participating players for their excellent representation of our club and we wish them a lot of success!