Our young players Patlevič, Faith, and Tvrdoň represented Slovakia

ADDED: 5.1.2018

As far as young players lately we focused on the performance of our 20-years old representation team, who left to the World's Championship of the players up to 20 years in the United States. Nevertheless, at the end of December also the players up to 16 and 18 years had their tournaments as well and we had our players there as well.

Slovak representation up to 16 years

The forwards Roman Faith and Miroslav Tvrdoň represented Slovakia in the tournament in Swiss Wetzlkon. Both of them played in all three matches and were present when we lost with the Swiss home team 2:4, also when we won over Germany 8:4, and lost with Finnish peers 1:6. The representatives of our club played together in the second formation and Miroslav Tvrdoň scored twice during three matches: He added one assistance as well. His club co-player Roman Faith added to the statistics one point for assistance in the match with Germany.

Slovak representation up to 18 years

Two members of Košice club traveled to the Tournament of 5 countries with the players up to 18 years that took place in Swiss Zuchwile. One of them was a defender of the team of young players Ľubomír Patlevič. The bench of coaches was occupied by the member of our representation A team Marko Milý, who was the coach of the goalmen.

The defender Ľubomír Patlevič played at the tournament all four matches and played as the member of the fourth formation. To the statistics he added one assistance at the third Slovak goal in the match with Germany. Nevertheless, the Slovaks did not manage to win not a one match in this tournament and step by step they lost with opponents from the Czech Republic 3:4, home team of Switzerland 2:4, opponents from Finland 4:11, and in the final match they also lost with Germany 4:5 after extension even though 2 minutes before the end they were still winning 4:2.

Congratulations to all our young players and the representtaion of the Slovakia!