Personal changes in the Steelers' team: Vrábeľ and Michalčin are about to host, Pavlin signed a contract and Jakub Sukeľ came to Košice.

ADDED: 16.1.2020

The transform period will end in a month and the extraleague teams for the season 2019/2020 will become official. Right now, there are certain changes occurring in the Steelers' cabin.  Defenseman Christián Michalčin and forward Filip Vrábeľ are about to host in Liptovský Mikuláš. The contract concluded between the two clubs is valid until February 2020. Hockey steps of forward Jakub Sukeľ are heading in the opposite direction. He will be playing for the eastern metropolis until the end of the current season. After a two-week trial, Slovenian defenseman Žiga Pavlin succeeded in our organization and accepted our offer to sign the contract and play for the club until the end of the current season.

Sports manager of HC Košice, Jan Šťastný: "We have been looking for suitable variants and options for Filip and Christian to maintain their form and keep them in the game load. It would be a shame if such talented players growing up in HC Košice only trained, sat on the tribune and didn't get to play. So, when the opportunity to release them to host in HK Liptovský Mikuláš came, we didn’t hesitate even a second. Both are the players who we count on to take an important role in the men's team in the future. That is the reason we believe their hosting is the best solution for their hockey development right now. I want to assure fans of Košice that both young players remain part of our family, and they will join our team again at the end of the transfer season. I've been following and I've known Žigo Pavlin since he came to play in the Czech Republic. He proved that he is very experienced and diligent player with great personality. When it comes to his hockey skills, he belongs among very good skaters, he has a pretty good shot, and he can play very well during power-plays as well as during short-handed play. We believe that his experience will enrich our defense lines, and that he will furnish them with calmness and balance."

Regarding the engagement of Jakub Sukeľ Jan Šťastný stated: "Firstly, I would like to thank and appreciate the management of HK Liptovský Mikuláš for a very nice gesture and step towards us. Having considered the circumstances, they enabled Jakub Sukeľ to host in our team. At the beginning of the season, we presented that we want to focus on and approach mostly Slovak and Czech players and at the same time, we want to train talented players that have the potential to play for the national team. Jakub has the highest ambitions and given the high probability that HK Liptovský Mikuláš will not play in the play-off this season, Jakub and the management team agreed that they will enable him to develop as a player and host in HC Košice. We are very glad that Jakub has chosen HC Košice for his development, even though we know that many rival clubs of the Slovak extraleague were interested in him. Jakub fulfills all our requirements and conditions characterizing our cabin, and most of all, it is an investment into the future."