The three first prizes of the Tipsport League Sport1 and Sport2 Miss Cheerleader Competition have all gone to Košice players!

ADDED: 12.12.2019

The most beautiful girls of Tipsport League stadiums are from Košice; hence, there is no doubt about that! 18,000 votes of hockey fans from the whole Slovak Republic decided on it in a poll on the website The first place of the Tipsport League Sport1 and Sport2 Miss Cheerleader Competition went to the lovely 21-year old Košice player Kristína, who is one of the first Slovaks to try new Opel Corsa.

The second- and third-place winners were also the HC Košice Cheerleaders – 22-year old Natália ranked second and Fanni of the same age ranked third. Other fourteen nominated girls representing Slovan, Poprad, Zvolen, Michalovce, and Banská Bystrica in addition to Košice, also did not get lost in the fierce fight for the votes of the fans. The TV cameras were regularly focused on the girls during live broadcasts from each round of the Tipsport League on Sport 1 and Sport 2.

The Cheerleaders are an integral part of the Tipsport League duels in most stadiums. Similarly to the overseas competitions (NHL, NFL, NBA), they enrich the experience of the viewers not only by their pleasant appearance, but also by their creative dancing.

Slovak premier and awarded winners

As one of the first Slovaks, the winner will drive the brand new model of the bestseller Opel Corsa, which she will get for a month with a full supply of fuel. It will also be available in a fully electric version with power of 100kw /136 k, for a greener and more friendly future and emission-free driving.

The voters will not miss out on it either; five of them determined by lot will win customized jerseys of the Slovak hockey representatives with own number and name from

If the hockey fans want to win even more, they can register in the Sport1 TV Club at and regularly win attractive prizes.

Final ranking (TOP 3)
1. Kristína (HC Košice – ASC Cheerleaders) 15 %
2. Natália (HC Košice – ASC Cheerleaders) 14 %
3. Fanni (HC Košice – ASC Cheerleaders) 11 %