Tuesday's derby: on home ice against Poprad!

ADDED: 3.12.2018

On Friday, the Steelers overcame Hungarian club DVTK Jegesmedvék Miskolc 2:1, after individual shootouts. Their last match on the ice of our opponent - MHC Nové Zámky will take place on Sunday. The team will also play against Poprad on Tuesday at Steel Arena. Do not miss the opportunity to see it!

Despite a great beginning, MHC Nové Zámky did not manage to win and was beaten by MAC (3:4), Nita (2:4) and even by Žilina (1:2 after shootouts). Therefore, they dropped to the 6th place with their 47 points.

The leader among all goalies is Andrej Košarišťan. His excellent success rate 94,04% places him to the 2nd place in the extra league. He managed to keep clean sheet in 5 matches and he is one of the leaders along with goalie Michal Valent (Dukla Trenčín). The leader of Canadian points ranking is forward Andreas Štrach. He scored 9 goals and 10 assists in 27 matches. Team captain Adam Zbořil is short of only 1 point. He has scored 10 goals which makes him the best striker from southern Slovakia.  The third place is occupied by Czech forward Filip Bajtek. This 27-year old winger scored 9 goals and helped the team out with 6 assists.

Formations from previous round:

Košice Habal Šedivý, Pretnar, Dudáš, McDowell, Pulli, Čížek, Koch, Žitný Nagy, Brophey, Haščák Suja, Ignatuškin, Spilár Šoltés, Galamboš, Vrábeľ Petráš, Krajňák, Klíma

Nové Zámky: Košarišťan Kudla, Andersons, Henderson, Hain, M. Novák, Ordzovenský, Hatala Štrauch, Urban, Bajtek J. Jurík, Zbořil, Rogoň Nejezchleb, Jakúbek, Linet Slávik, Fábry, Ondrušek Ľ. Buc

We would like to invite all fans of HC Košice to this home match.

We will perform against players from Poprad. It will be an opportunity for our guys to make amends for their previous loss.  In the last match between HK Poprad and HC Košice, Poprad won 1:0. It was our first loss we suffered on our home ice. For now, they occupy 3rd place position in the extra league with 53 points. On Friday, they played against HK Nitra. Samuel Takáč and Dávid Bondra were only players who scored goals and Poprad lost the match (2:7).

Poprad's power plays are one of the worst among all teams of the Tipsport League. Their success rate is only 11,57%, as they managed to score 14 times from overall 121 cases! When it comes to shorthanded games, the statistics is much better. They conceded 18 goals from overall 114 cases of being shorthanded. Therefore, their success rate is 84,21%.

Excellent show is performed by Czech goalie Tomáš Vošvrda. Thanks to his performances, he achieved success rate 95,07%. He even kept clean sheet in 4 matches which places him on 3rd place (behind Košarišťan and Valenta). Czech player Patrik Nechvátal has only played in 2 matches but he did not disappoint.  His success rate has climbed up to 97,30%.

The leader of Canadian points ranking is the most experienced player of Poprad - Patrik Svitana who played in 27 matches. He managed to score 7 times and assist to 13 goals. The second place is occupied by Dávid Bondra. He managed to acquire 15 Canadian points in 23 matches. He is also the best striker of the team (13 goals). The same amount of Canadian points has been gained by Samuel Mlynarovič who has balance of 7 goals and 8 assists. The third place is occupied by forward Marek Zagrapan (6 goals, 8 assists) and Lukáš Paukovček (4 goals, 10 assists).

Come and support our Steelers in this match. They will need our help to win and gain important points! Let's help them to walk away with victory! Do not hesitate, buy tickets online on www.ticketportal.sk.

The match will take place on Tuesday, November 27, at 17:30. HIT IT KOŠICE!