We sent Podpoľana players back home with no points at all. We bring the after-match comments from our hockey players’ locker room

ADDED: 12.12.2019

The hockey players of HC Košice played in the Sunday 30th round of the Tipsport League against the opponent from Detva and they clearly had something to give back to them. Steelers encouraged by a series of six wins in a row, entered also this match more actively.

They did not manage to make use of the shooting advantage by the end of the opening period, so they went to the locker rooms at 0:0. Balanced score did not last long when our opponent opened the score at the beginning of the second period. However, Podpoľana players did not enjoy their lead for a long time, the forward David Květoň equalized to 1:1. But the opponent surprised once again. However, even this lead did not last long, our captain Dávid Skokan equalized to 2:2. When it seemed at the end of the third period that the overtime or the separate raids would decide on the winner of the match, Dávid Skokan rejoiced the Košice audience again. So, we defeated Detva on the home ice, 3:2.

David Růžička: “It was difficult match in both psychical and physical terms, as we played a match against a tough opponent on Friday. Now we were facing a weaker (on paper) opponent Detva and we had to win. They always play illegible hockey, they fight, and it is unpleasant to play against them. I think that we were better, we overpowered them; although it wasn't much hockey, but we have three points and that counts. After winning matches there will certainly be a good mood in the locker room; during the break for representation we will relax and regenerate. It will be a different hockey match against Banská Bystrica, but if we play our game, we certainly have a chance to succeed.

Dávid Skokan: “It was very difficult match, their goalkeeper played very well today. Detva is the opponent aware of how to play against us, the last time we played there it was a very close win 3:2 for us. Every time we play against them, we have such deaf moments, but fortunately we won today.  Some boys are ill, so they could not play today, but we have three points and that is important. However, we value them equally and it does not matter whether it is against Slovan or Detva - it is important to be modest, humble, work hard and we will see what happens next. During the time out the coach told us to simply play our game. Then Květoň just shot, it somehow bounced off there and thanks God that it fell there. 

Jakub Cibák: “Of course, that we had to give it back to Detva, we lost the first domestic match against them.  They are always difficult opponents, they skate well, finish the matches, they probably like to play against us. The beginning of match was a little nervous on both sides, we were aware of the importance of this match, everyone wanted to score some points. Before the match I learned that I would play offense, was somewhat confused about it, but I considered it as a role. I did my best, so perhaps I have not done anything wrong.

Patrik Koch: “Detva is always a difficult opponent. We have three points and we are interested just in it. We did not think at all about the home loss against Detva, we go to every match with a clear head with the goal to win it. The coach probably wanted with the time-out that we relax a little before the end of the period, he gave us some instructions on how to play and I think that we managed it well. Of course, we are always pleased with the points, so I could not wish anything better for my birthday today.”

Pavel Klhůfek: “No league match is easy anymore, the first may lose with the last. We knew from the beginning today that it would be a difficult match. We had a lot of chances in the first period, we overpowered them and probably they got nervous about it and started to provoke but we have such players that they did not dare to provoke anymore. After the first period the coach told us to play the whole sixty minutes and those goals will come. We are certainly happy for this winning.”

Team coaches assess the matches:

Peter Draisaitl (Head Coach of HC Košice): “The development of this match today was unpleasant, we were not able to use the power play 5 on 3 twice in the first period. Detva is always dangerous, we had to equalize twice, we had a lot to do to win that game. In the end neither team wanted to concede the goal; at the end of the match we also had some luck in power play. Generally, I can say that I am happy that we found a way to win. I am glad that we finally won this match and left three points at home.”

Josef Turek (Head Coach of HC 07 Detva): “Of course, we are not satisfied as we lost the match today but against such a strong opponent as Košice we played great.  It was important that we overcame two power plays 5 on 3 in the first period. In the end it was balanced, we kept a tie score during the whole match. We are sorry that we do not score any point but even though we lost, we played a great game here.”

After achieving full points against Detva players we reduced the advantage of the second Banská Bystrica to one point, the first Slovan leads by seven points. After the break for representation, our team will play next match on the home ice on December 18, against Banská Bystrica. The opening bully in Steel Arena is scheduled at 6:00 PM.

HC Košice Media Team (zek)