The weekend was successful for our team of young players

ADDED: 29.1.2020

Our youth team won both two weekend matches against MHA Martin and got six points in total. Our team scored before the end of the first period after a relatively balanced start. Peter Repčík scored, assisted after a successful action by Miroslav Tvrdoň and Lukáš Kaža. The match continued in a spirit of discipline, as only two our players were penalized during the whole period. Peter Repčík, Marián Štec and Lukáš Kaža scored the goals in the third period.  

Our boys were even more successful in the second match on Sunday with Martin.  Lukáš Kaža was successful in the half of the first period, after nice passes from Peter Repčík and Miroslav Tvrdoň. Jakub Jadrný, assisted by Mykhailo Krasnozhon, scored another goal before the end of the first period. The shooting continued when Pavol Zůbek scored a goal, with assistances of Marián Štec and Zoltán Novák. In addition, our team of young players scored other six goals in the third period. So, the match ended with a score of 10:0.

Tomáš Kochan, head coach of young hockey players, also praised our team of young players for their success during the weekend matches: “We would like to commend the boys for not being satisfied with the course of the matches, but they played fairly and fulfilled their duties until the very end of the match.  There are still eight matches left by the end of the preliminary rounds. The chart is balanced, we need to prepare ourselves responsibly for next matches, so that we do not underestimate anything.

In addition to the matches of young competitors, there were also matches of juniors in Steel Arena during the weekend. The latter have only three points from two matches with juniors from Nitra. But the matches were balanced, which was quite expected, as they are close to each other on the chart.

The first match started to develop in favor of our juniors who scored immediately in the fifth minute thanks to Juraj Eliaš. Košice juniors scored the second goal when after a nice pass of Martin Bučko and Patrik Barger and Samuel Hrabčák, the latter shot a goal. Also, Lukáš Vaculik increased score. Juniors from Nitra sent the puck beyond the back of our goalkeeper only twice. However, the match ended with a difference of three goals. The last two goals were sent to the Nitra net by forwards Patrik Frič and Samuel Hrabčák.

There were not many goals scored during the Sunday match. Although productivity of our juniors was high and they tried to win the match, they did not manage to overcome the opponent's goalkeeper. The only goal in the match was scored by the Nitra competitors in the sixth minute of the third period. So, the match ended with a score of 0:1 for HK Nitra.    

Also, Jozef Škrak, assistant of the coach, expressed himself regarding the performance of the juniors: “During both matches the players perfectly fulfilled their tasks, whether in terms of defensive or offensive. So, they all deserve praise, but I would like to appreciate the performance of the goalkeeper Eliaš, who was our great support.”

The cadets competed on Sunday on the ice in Martin. They currently rank sixth on the chart of fourteen best Slovak teams.

HC KE Media Team (krausz)