Young HC Košice U12 hockey players finished last year at the tournament in Poland

ADDED: 8.1.2020

On December 27 - 29, 2019 our “youth” took part in the hockey tournament in Sanok, Poland, where 12 teams competed. They were in two groups of six. The tournament used the system each team with each team in groups, then by ranking in a group for overall ranking. The game playing time was 2 x 20 min.

Group A:

  1. Poland Select U12 (Poland)
  2. Mogo Riga (LOT)
  3. Sojuz Charkov (UKR)
  4. Sdushor Minsk (Belorussia)
  5. HC Košice (SVK)
  6. HC Lida (LOT)

Group B:

  1. MMKS Podhale Novy Targ (POL)
  2. HK Dugapils (LOT)
  3. Kryzhynka Kyjev (UKR)
  4. Dinamo Minsk (Belorussia)
  5. SK Minsk (Belorussia)
  6. HK Nieman Grodno (Belorussia)

HC Košice implementation team:

Head coach: Anton Bartánus

Team manager: Ondrej Sabol

Team U 12 year of birth 2008, 2009: Adam Bartoš, Alex Bodnár, Róbert Krajňák, Dušan Vasilík, Ján Oros, René Mižišin, Michal Valent, Adam Štefanov, Adrián Sabol, Emanuel Buchla, Timotej Havír, Patrik Solár, Adam Patlevič, Peter Váczy, Samuel Kažimír, Maxim Farkaš, Jakub Husár

Head coach of U12 Anton Bartánus: “We have completed the most demanding tournament in U12, in which we tried our strength against the competitors from the former Soviet republics. We are grateful for the opportunity to confront such high-quality competitors. Our players did not disappoint, and they started each match with determination, successfully represented the club as well as the primary school Považská, of course also with the support and encouragement of all parents, for which we thank them.

Results of HC Košice U12

  1. HC Košice – Sojuz Charkov 1:7

Goals of HC Košice: Krajňák

  1. HC Košice – HK Lida 2:2

Goals of HC Košice: Mižišin Oros

  1. HC Košice – Sdushor Minsk 2:0

Goals of HC Košice: Valent, Krajňák

  1. HC Košice – Select Poland U12 3:1

Goals of HC Košice: Krajňák, Havír, Bartoš

     5. HC Košice – Mogo Riga 2:0

Goals of HC Košice: 2 Krajňák

6. HC Košice – Dinamo Minsk 3:0

Goals of HC Košice: 2 Krajňák, Patlevič


Match for overall ranking in 5th – 6th place

    7. HC Košice – HK Dugapils 3:5

Goals of HC Košice: 2 Krajňák, Valent