HC Košice
štvrťfinále - 5. zápas
1 : 0 pp
(0:0, 0:0, 0:0 - 1:0)
Stav série: 4:1
Banská Bystrica

Goals and assistance: 75. Asselin (Faille)

Penalized players: 2:4 for (2) minutes, power plays: 0:0, defense plays: 0:0 referees: J. Konc, Stano - Gajan, Gavalier, 2841 visitors

HC 05 iClinic Banská Bystrica: Lukáš – Ďatelinka, Kubka, Mihalík, Pretnar, Gélinas, Delisle, Brejčák, Tamáši – Hrnka, Bortňák, Brittain – Bártanus, Bubela, Hohmann – Asselin, Faille, Skalický – Kabáč, Češík, Gabor

HC Košice: Lundström – Čížek, Šedivý, Kessel, Dudáš, Koch, Pulli, Michalčin, Vrábeľ – Miklík, Pacan, Nagy – Spilar, Suja, Jenčík – Kafka, Klíma, Šoltés – Hričina, Petráš, Koyš

Both teams entered the match carefully. Banská Bystrica, as well as Košice, were realizing that there is a lot at stake. Therefore, we had to wait for the first greater chance several minutes. Bubela was processing an interesting puck in the 10th minute, however the defense of Košice worked well and blocked the pass to safety. Two minutes later also Hrnka had his chance and could have used the pressure of his team. But the Swedish goalman Lundström in Košice's net was attentive and did not allow the change of score. The score did not change also in the beginning of the 14th minute, when Šedivý lent up to the puck. But Lukáš saw his action well and covered it without any trouble. The score remained unchanged after the pass of Kafka, which the team of Košice was trying to push to the net. Because Lukáš got oriented the best in this situation and managed to abort the game right on time. Therefore, the players hit the locker rooms at 0:0.

The initial minutes of the second period belonged to Košice hockey-players, who asked for some room in their period of attack. Even though the Steelers were combining it for some time, Lukáš was not threatened among his three poles. This status remained unchanged also at the end of the 24th minute, Nagy processed the pass from Miklík, but the puck hit the blade, so the shot was lost. We could see the pressure of Košice also several seconds later.  We might mention Šoltés, but his shot ended-up right on Lukáš. At the end of the regular playtime also Banská Bystrica tried it. But several shots were well blocked and others were reliably covered by Lundström. So after 40 minutes we still did not a goal.

The third period was the most active one, which was definitely enjoyed by both teams of fans. At the end of the 41st minute Hohmann sent a good pass to the barrier, he found Bartánus, but he sent the puck to guarding Lundström. Six minutes later also Lukáš had to pay attention, he was facing Hričina's chance. He got to the free puck, knitted it in front of the net, but did not manage to score and overcome the Czech goalman in service of Banská Bystrica. In the 55th minute during the power play Spilar had his individual escape, he tried to score, but also this time there was no goal. Also Brittain's intention was very good, but he shot the puck to the pole only. Then Ďatelinka received the puck, but he closely missed the area of the three poles. So the three periods were not enough to decide the match.

We could consider the extension as the “fourth period”, and the reason is simple - 20 minutes is added to the regular playtime. If there is no winner after the first extension, the second one follows. So the visitors were not supposed to see shootouts.

In the beginning of the first extension Banská Bystrica was more active; they occupied Košice's zone and endangered Lundström several times. But the Swedish goalman did not hesitate and aborted the game. Then Nagy pushed Pacan ahead, who was trying to finish the action, but he was fouled. During the game five against five Jenčík tried to place the pass to the net, but he only hit the falling Lukáš. So Lukáš added the next important action to his balance. On the other side Lundström took actions after endings of Skalický and Gélinas. They had good intentions, but good for the Steelers they did not score. But finally Asselin managed to score. By shooting the goal he sent Banská Bystrica to the semifinals.

Vladimír Országh, Coach of Banská Bystrica: "Also today's match was about good performance of both goalmen, attentive defense, and last, but not least the will to score. Finally, it was just us who managed to score and we are glad about it. This series was decided by minor details, eventually we were the luckier team.”

Roman Šimíček, Coach of Košice: "The players entered this series with enormous effort and big heart. I would like to thank them for their performance in all five matches. We were fighting hard, therefore I think there is nothing to be ashamed of.”